Collect Data Important to Buyers

At Livestock Lens, we understand that data collection is a chore for busy ranchers. We work hard to minimize the amount of time to enter data by:

  • Only collecting data that buyers are interested in. We focus on gender, breed, date of birth, weight gain, vaccinations and the amount of feed provided, as these are the most important data points buyers are looking for.
  • Providing fast ways to enter data (e.g. scanning the barcode on the tags to track animals)
  • Automating calculations whenever possible (e.g. estimated weights at auction time)

If you do not have a weight scale, you can enter the body measurements and we will calculate the weight for you.

Data Collection Process

Based on the feedback from the ranchers we work with, Livestock Lens has designed a data collection process that is easy and conveninent.

Use the App for scanning the barcode while processing. Our App can be downloaded from here.

LL Scan App

Upload data from app when internet is available.

LL Upload Data

Enter detailed data later at home/office using your computer.

LL Enter Details

Data Security and Privacy

We believe that the data about your cattle belongs to you and we take that responsibility very seriously. We guard your data in the following ways:

  • Data is always encrypted while travelling over the internet, so no one else can see it.
  • Your data is only shared with verified buyers, when you create an auction.
  • We will ask for your permission before we share data with anyone else, including the government.