What does it cost to join the Livestock Lens Program?

All of the Livestock Lens solutions are based on UHF tags. These tags can be read from up to 40 feet away and are low maintenance, as they are powered by the antennas to read them. In addition, they are cost-effective at just $1.60/tag.

All tags are laser printed with a Visual Animal Id that is matched to the UHF Id. Ranch Name, Phone Number or Brand can be printed on the tags. The tags also have a QR code that identifies the cattle and can be read with a standard barcode scanner.

We have developed software and hardware to count cattle while feeding or while they are drinking water. The software and hardware is part of our turn-key system that can be purchased directly from us. Our systems start at $2,000. Please contact us to get started.

What are the benefits of the Counting Cattle?

Our Counting Program is meant for cow-calf operations and backgrounders with cattle in multiple locations. We use UHF tags for counting as they can be read from up to 40 ft away. Once the cattle are entered into our App, we will use the data to count cattle while they are being fed and find any missing cattle and their tag numbers.

Please note that the UHF tags have visual tag numbers printed on them to make it easy for you to locate the missing cattle.

Our counting system also tracks new calvings and medications to ensure that all new calves are accounted for and medications are not given twice to the same cattle by mistake.

What are the benefits of Tracking Water Intake?

Our water intake tracking system identifies cattle while they drink water and finds missing cattle. In addition, the system tracks the drinking location and the time each cattle were last seen. This allows ranchers to find missing cattle early before they are lost.

What are the benefits of the Verification Program?

The key goal of Livestock Lens is to help you earn more from your cattle. We focus on verifying data that is important to buyers (for example vaccinations given, weaning and sire quality). Buyers are willing to pay more for these good calf development practices and our verification program provides the proof that they are looking for.

Our verification program is approved by the USDA.

Simply enter the data into our Free App as you process cattle (for example, vaccinations) and we can verify the calves by reviewing the data.

Who are you and where are you located?

Livestock Lens was founded by a group of technologists and cattle ranchers and we are excited to bring the power of new technology to cattle ranchers. We are based in Kansas and we take pride in our location and heritage.

This all sounds great; how do I get started?

Please contact Matt at matt@livestocklens.com or (816) 217-8900 to get started.