Why Use Our App?

At Livestock Lens, our key goal is to help your earn more from your cattle. Following good cattle management practices (for e.g. vaccination and weaning) and keeping documentation on them will help you earn more for your cattle. Our verification program will prove the worth of your calves to buyers, using the data you collect. We are interested in the following data:

  • Date of birth of your calves and if they are home-raised
  • Vaccination and weaning program
  • Sire breed/genetics
  • If your calves are de-horned and castrated and

We are currently in the process of getting USDA approval for our verification program.

Verification is easy- just enter the data into our free App:

Add Calves When They are Born

Enter ID, date of birth, cattle type, sire and dam

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Add Additional Data in Groups

Scan cattle while they are in the chute and enter data (for example vaccinations, weaning) once for all cattle

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Create Herds

Create herds for sale and view summary data

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We will send you email reminders when verification tasks are due (for example, vaccinate you calves) to make it easy to qualify.

Please contact Matt at matt@livestocklens.com or (816) 217-8900 to get started.